chuseok special SongPyeon Class

From: $150.00

Chuseok Special Songpyeon class

This is a limited edition of our songpeyon class, with special Instructor coming to teach from Korea. The instructor, Jang Yeojin, is the owner morak morak (  ), where she teaches how to make traditional korean desserts. Chef Jang has written numerous books on the art of korean and japanese desserts, and also has online courses available if you are not able to do in person classes. We are so excited and honoured to welcome her to Canada to do her first international class.  We prepared a special songpyeon class for this chuseok, with a new lineup of shapes to learn.

*The class will be taught in Korean, but dont let this discourage you from enrolling. The class is alot of following the motions of the instructor rather than listening. Our staff will also be around to translate and answer any questions.*

(Max 4 people)

150 + tax per person
3h – 3h 30 min classes

Class itinierary
– brief lesson on the method and tools used to make the songpyeon
– make songpyeon dough
– shaping the dough
– 6 special designs you will learn:

  1. Plum Blossom
  2. Apple
  3. Persimmon
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Leaf
  6. Peach

– finishing the songpyeon and packaging

Whats included
– all ingredients and packaging
– lesson fee
– 1 box of 18 songpyeon that you made 🙂

*Extra box fee $1 charge



How to join:
01. select the class
02. click the “select option”
03. select the date
04. click the “book now”
05. go to cart (Main head – beside contact us)
06. process to check out
07. Place order

there is a minimum of 2 people enrolled in order for the class to proceed. If there isn’t enough people the class will get rescheduled or canceled

if canceled class we will text you 2days in advance