Q: How should I place my order?

A: You can place your order through the website directly. You can choose your pickup date and time, as well as complete payment when you order. If you need help navigating the website you can reach out to us on instagram, email or by phone!

Q: The date i want to pick up isnt available, can i still place an order?

A: Our website will close orders within 3 days, so you should order at least 4 days in advance, but if you aren’t able to order through the website you can reach out to us on instagram, email or by phone and we will try to accommodate you.

Q: I would like to order a custom cake, how do i order it?

A: Unfortunately we will no longer be taking custom cake orders. You can find our available designs on our website.

Q: How do i get a customized message on my cake?

A: You can write your message in the lettering note section. We ask that you try to keep it under 25 character in english (20 characters in Korean).

Q: What do i need to bring when i pickup my cake?

A: All you need is your order number!

Q: Im not able to pick up my cake, what should i do?

A: if you are not able to pick up your cake yourself and are sending someone instead, please let the person know what the order number is, and know exactly what they are picking up, including design and lettering.
* we ask whoever is picking up to check the cake before leaving the store.*
* we are able to fix anything wrong while the cake is still in the store. After it leaves, any mistakes or parts that you want to be done differently are NOT our responsibility and you will NOT be given a refund*

Q: Can i order cakes on uber eats?

A: Our uber eats only available chiffon cakes and some desserts

Ubereats menu

Q: How long can i keep the cake for?

A: Our sponge based cakes can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days. And our rice cakes should be eaten on the day that you pick up, but if you have some left you can freeze it and re-steam it to eat again.

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